Hi guys,

I'm having problems with trying out different contraceptive pills (side effects etc) and methods, and I'm not taking anything at the moment.

So I asked my boyfriend to use condoms, whilst I give my body a break from the crap in the pills….. Since then we've had less sex, because he gets out of the mood and can't use them. We've tried various kinds, but he says they hurt and are not as nice as without.

I've always been careful and taken the pill, but I've got to the point where I've been trying so many that my body Isn't coping with it, so I wanted a change.

He says he loves me and doesn't want my body to get messed up, but I cant help but think he's giving up too easily and wants me back on the pill again….. Any advice.

Update: We've not had full on sex for a few weeks,, simply because he tries to use a condom and then it doesn't happen, and so gives up.

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