I was with my significant other for 16 years. We have two boys together and had just purchased our first house a few months ago (in his name, since he had better credit). We were elated!

He was getting ready to open a new restaurant in a few months time. In January, he went out and came home pretty drunk, with scratches on him. Something did not feel right, and I asked him if something had happened. He brushed me off and told me I did not know what I was talking about, and blamed me for being paranoid.

He kept disappearing one or two nights a week for the next few months. He said he was stressed because of the opening, so I backed off. We were still having sex until the beginning of April and celebrated our anniversary and my birthday like normal. Then he stopped coming home three to five nights a week, and when he was home he hardly spoke to me or the kids.

I begged him to talk to me, and again he said it was work. Then in June, he came to me and said he was not happy and wanted to take a break. After the past few months of his behavior, I agreed. I moved out with our kids on Aug. 5, and he decided on split custody. The next day he texted me to let me know that he had met someone else.

I checked his Facebook, which he had updated, and learned that they started dating in January! He is moving her into our house right now! He wants the kids to meet her next week, and he wants her and I to be friends!?

How do I get past this betrayal? He is telling me I have no reason to be depressed, and that he doesn't understand what the problem is? I can't stand to even speak to him, let alone meet her.

There is no way I can be friends with her, is there? How do I explain this to our children? My heart is broken from all the lies he told me over the course of the last eight months, and I just do not know what to do.

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